Thursday, April 29, 2010

Miss Dawna

Miss Dawna is one of Easton Fabulous teachers this year. She is one of the kindest women I have met in a long time. Today, she lost her life in a car accident on her way to work. And as I picked up Easton from school today, we all cried in the halls. We keep saying things like, God's ways are higher than our ways, and God will be glorified through this... Right now... I don't care! How does a mommy get taken from her babies??? Two beautiful babies who will never again be kissed by their mommy, and who will never again be tucked in at night by their mommy. A husband left to face life as a single dad. Who probably didn't even get to do much more than give his wife a quick kiss goodbye before work this morning. A sweet little 3 year old girl who will grow up with out her mom by her side. And a handsome little man who will probably not have any memories of his mommy. It's not fair!!! It's not fair!!!
I am surprised that I still DAILY think of Jenny Bazillion. I didn't even know her. But I just couldn't believe God would take such an amazing woman from this world in such a shocking, hurtful way. Leaving her family to deal with life without a wife, and without a Mommy. I am reminded by her DAILY to give my kids a little extra love even when I am tired, or angry, or frustrated.
My heart is just aching as I lay my kids down for bed tonight, to think these ladies' kids are going to bed without that kiss from mommy. What would my family, especially my children do with out me??? And how can their families manage with out them? It is NOT FAIR!!!! I can't understand. My heart is broken for these families. If you read this, please just say a prayer for them. For these precious men who have to explain why Mom is not there. And for these babies (and young ladies) who are left behind.
We love you Miss Dawna, and we will miss your smiling face.