Tuesday, January 5, 2010

getting there

I know I never post any more. But jsut in case any one is wondering how it is going, I thought I would go ahead and do a recap. : ) I am feeling so good! I am absolutely NOT where I thought I would be after a full year of working out. But I am SO MUCH better than I was a year ago! I started out 14 months ago weighing over 158 pounds. Couldn't blame it on the baby any more. I thought I would lose 20 pounds easy as pie, then have a few more to work off. BOY was I WRONG. It took about 3 months to even lose 5 lbs! It was pretty frustrating at the beginning, and there were alot of times that I jsut wanted to give up. But I haven't. I have built a pretty solid routine of going to the gym, and change tiny parts of my eating habits. And now 14 months later I am down to 135lbs. I WAS 133 before the holidays but with all the hustle and bustle my works out took a time out. I actually was pretty happy with only gaining 2 lbs when I didn't work out for over a MONTH! My goal for January is to get back to my regular schedule of going to the gym AT LEAST 4 days a week (hopefully 5, but hard to find time) ANd to get into the 120s. It sounds so easy, all I have to do is lose 6 lbs this month, but I had been at 133 since Sept and didn't go down! LOL. SO I am taking this whole month to really concentrate on me and what *I* need. I am so excited about the next leg of this journey. I mean, hello, I lost 25 lbs last year, If I lose 15 more, I will be a thin 120lbs! And I don't expect to do it quickly. I mean, shoot, If I am 35 years old and 120 pounds I am happy with that. I don't need to stress myself, and make myself think it all has to be done in a month. It is about building habits that I can live with. Not losing the weight quickly and having to FIGHT to keep it off. Don't get me wrong, My HOPE is to lose it by March ( I mean, come on, it is FIVE FREAKIN pounds a month, totally doable) But if I don't I won't beat myself up about it. I will end this with couple of pics. The first of me, about a year ago feeling yucky and fat. and the second a little more recent feeling a little bit better about myself. : )