Wednesday, June 24, 2009

With only 2

Sometimes (ok, most of the time) I forget how wonderful it is to slow down and enjoy time with my littles. My days are usually spent fluttering around the house, doing dishes, picking up wet bathing suits, griping because someone left a toy in the living room. When we are home I feel like I don't have fun. I am so stressed day to day about keeping up the house, and making meals, and stopping fights. It really doesn't leave me much time to just chill with the kids. So often I go into my room just to hide from the noise, or to eat without the kids taking my food, or to not have a kid tugging on me for 2 minutes. I feel guilty about all of that. But that is life with 4 kids. It's hard, and it's tiring, and it's tedious. Lately I don't even notice the fun stuff. The oppertunities I do have to jump in and have a giggle with the kids, or laugh at one of Ava's knock knock jokes. But they ARE amazing! And tonight I got a little reminder of that. Thain and Ava both fell asleep around 4pm. Usually disaster! When 7pm rolled around I thought I was going to be lucky enough for them to sleep through the whole night, after such a busy day. But no! At 715 they both woke up. OH NO!!!!! I knew that would mean they would be up ALL night! Makenzie spent the night at a friends, and Soon after they woke up, Easton went to bed. Well, let me tell you... That is when the fun started... seriously. I made the two littles dinner. Since it was so late, I just did simple, and easy, sandwiches, banana, wheat thins and a cheese stick. I let them eat in the living room- a big no-no on our house. And we watched SYTYCD. Ava and Thain copied each of the dances as we watched them. (to the best of their ability, LOL) They gave me commentary on the outfits that they were wearing, "Mommy, you need a dress like that sparkly one" and "Why is that girl have holes in her tights?" When we finished "dinner" we all colored. Thain drew a picture of him and Ava together and Ava helped me color a veggie tales picture. Ava was surprised I was such a good "colorer." When we were all done coloring They picked out a movie and we laid in my bed and watched it. It was an old Baby Einstein. Way to young for Thain, but he remembered watching it when he was a baby. He said, "Remember when we used to watch this, just me and you?" He misses one on one time with me, I know.... But we all three laid and watched it. We talked about all the animals, and Thain asked which ones would eat him if they saw him in the wild; and Ava assured Thain she would "save" him if an animal tried to eat him. They are so sweet together! It was all just so relaxed and wonderful. Reminded me that sometimes I do just need to slow down. No matter how much I clean the house, it will still be messy again tomorrow. But my kids need me with them. Paying attention to them, cuddling with them. And I miss doing that. It was a fun evening with those 2. : )

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I give up!!! (at least for this month)

Maybe not the whole month. But at least for this week I have officially given up. My goal was 7 lbs this month and as of right now I am down 2. BOOOOO!!! I totally over scheduled the kids this week and it has left me no time for the gym. Everyday we wake up, go to classes at the rec center, come home so Easton can nap, eat dinner and go to VBS. Now, if the child care at the gym was open at 2 instead of 4 I could totally fit in a work out. But when I have to have them dressed, fed and out the door by 530, getting to the gym at 4 doesn't cut it. So while I have not been able to work out, I decided to go completely AWOL. I have been eating crap, drinking coke, and eating late. I am so disappointed in myself. Hopefully next week I will get back on track and at least get 2 more lbs off by the end of the month.

Friday, June 5, 2009

frustrating week.

I think I have had a good week of workouts. I have been everyday since we got back from Vegas except one. I have done 3 kickboxing classes, and stepped it up on my regular cardio. But yet.. I have gained 2 lbs?!! Well, and by gained, it kind of went like this... When we got home from Vegas I had gained 3 (up to 147) then over the next 4 days I lost 3 (back to 144) but now in the last5 days I have gained 2 (up to 146) Now, the good thing is that I am upset at being 146! Remember, just a couple weeks ago I was ecstatic to have reached 148! So that is the plus. And I totally know what it is. The last 3 nights I have eaten after 9pm. I knew I shouldn't but I did. And I am paying for it. Oh, and yesterday I ate Pizza Garden, and that never helps. LOL. So starting again today, no eating late. I feel good going to the gym everyday. I have basically been skipping Sunday because they don't have childcare that day. But I am just frustrated today. I hope that by the end of next week I will be at least back to 144. My goal is still 139 by the 31st!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Am I willing to keep losing weight, if it means that I will become an A cup?? So here is my plan... To hit my 125 by the end of August, then if I keep it off until Feb I can get fake boobies.... That's a good plan right??!! We'll see....

New Goal

Ok, so here it is... The next goal. I felt really good about losing my anticipated 6 lbs before Vegas. Unfortunately I gained back 3 of them. That's ok though, I knew it would happen. And the Bellagio buffet was well worth it! LOL. But my new goal is 139 by the end of this month. 7 lbs in 31 days... Totally do-able! I can already sense it will be tricky with the fast food. We always run errands around 10am which leaves us out about around lunch time. But I will make a conscious effort to make it home for lunch daily. I will be stocking the fridge with delicious summer fruit like the wonderful 2 containers of watermelon we got yesterday. And turkey and tuna sandwiches instead of peanut butter. I also bought Total raisin bran for those late night snack attacks. I am suffering a little with my work outs. I just need to learn to do some new stuff. I get bored pretty easily, and my arm and leg workouts are getting a bit mundane. But Rick said he would spend a day with me showing me other new things I can do. I am feeling so much better with the elliptical machine and the treadmill... Before I could only do 10 mins on the elliptical. Last night I did 25 mins easily. (except that my left foot goes numb.. poor circulation, I guess) And then I jump on the treadmill for a good 20 mins. About 2/3 of that is running.. I run for 7 mins, walk for 7, then run for the last 6... If I can! But I am feeling good, and the kids are getting better at the gym. But Makenzie and Thain still fight sometimes. EERRGG. But there it is. 139 by June 31st. Got it?! I will post a scale pic as soon as I hit it, and if I can do more than that, then WOOHOO. But If I put too much pressure on myself I will fail. So, Go me! I feel good about this!