Thursday, June 18, 2009

I give up!!! (at least for this month)

Maybe not the whole month. But at least for this week I have officially given up. My goal was 7 lbs this month and as of right now I am down 2. BOOOOO!!! I totally over scheduled the kids this week and it has left me no time for the gym. Everyday we wake up, go to classes at the rec center, come home so Easton can nap, eat dinner and go to VBS. Now, if the child care at the gym was open at 2 instead of 4 I could totally fit in a work out. But when I have to have them dressed, fed and out the door by 530, getting to the gym at 4 doesn't cut it. So while I have not been able to work out, I decided to go completely AWOL. I have been eating crap, drinking coke, and eating late. I am so disappointed in myself. Hopefully next week I will get back on track and at least get 2 more lbs off by the end of the month.

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  1. Yeah, our gym child care closes from 2-4pm also and it sucks!!! Now, most of the time Nathan is napping then, but it would still be nice the times I really need to use it then for it to be available to me.
    I can vent to you about this that I sometimes find it a real hindrance to have to work my workouts around my child. Grrr. Or in my case right now, his poop. Argh. So annoying. *sigh* Oh well!! Not forever, right?!
    You will get back on the wagon and lose that weight and more. Don't beat yourself up about the past. Each day is a new day. Start fresh tomorrow and don't look back!! One good decision will turn into more before you know it!! I love you!!!