Wednesday, June 24, 2009

With only 2

Sometimes (ok, most of the time) I forget how wonderful it is to slow down and enjoy time with my littles. My days are usually spent fluttering around the house, doing dishes, picking up wet bathing suits, griping because someone left a toy in the living room. When we are home I feel like I don't have fun. I am so stressed day to day about keeping up the house, and making meals, and stopping fights. It really doesn't leave me much time to just chill with the kids. So often I go into my room just to hide from the noise, or to eat without the kids taking my food, or to not have a kid tugging on me for 2 minutes. I feel guilty about all of that. But that is life with 4 kids. It's hard, and it's tiring, and it's tedious. Lately I don't even notice the fun stuff. The oppertunities I do have to jump in and have a giggle with the kids, or laugh at one of Ava's knock knock jokes. But they ARE amazing! And tonight I got a little reminder of that. Thain and Ava both fell asleep around 4pm. Usually disaster! When 7pm rolled around I thought I was going to be lucky enough for them to sleep through the whole night, after such a busy day. But no! At 715 they both woke up. OH NO!!!!! I knew that would mean they would be up ALL night! Makenzie spent the night at a friends, and Soon after they woke up, Easton went to bed. Well, let me tell you... That is when the fun started... seriously. I made the two littles dinner. Since it was so late, I just did simple, and easy, sandwiches, banana, wheat thins and a cheese stick. I let them eat in the living room- a big no-no on our house. And we watched SYTYCD. Ava and Thain copied each of the dances as we watched them. (to the best of their ability, LOL) They gave me commentary on the outfits that they were wearing, "Mommy, you need a dress like that sparkly one" and "Why is that girl have holes in her tights?" When we finished "dinner" we all colored. Thain drew a picture of him and Ava together and Ava helped me color a veggie tales picture. Ava was surprised I was such a good "colorer." When we were all done coloring They picked out a movie and we laid in my bed and watched it. It was an old Baby Einstein. Way to young for Thain, but he remembered watching it when he was a baby. He said, "Remember when we used to watch this, just me and you?" He misses one on one time with me, I know.... But we all three laid and watched it. We talked about all the animals, and Thain asked which ones would eat him if they saw him in the wild; and Ava assured Thain she would "save" him if an animal tried to eat him. They are so sweet together! It was all just so relaxed and wonderful. Reminded me that sometimes I do just need to slow down. No matter how much I clean the house, it will still be messy again tomorrow. But my kids need me with them. Paying attention to them, cuddling with them. And I miss doing that. It was a fun evening with those 2. : )


  1. That is so sweet, Jess. I am so glad God gave you these precious moments with your kiddos to restore your Spirit. I swear, I don't know how I would go on if I didn't get these brief respites in life!! LOL Anyways, thanks for sharing your story of the wonderful night you had with your babies!!

  2. That is sweet. I am more than willing to watch any of your kids so that you can get some one on one time. That is so important for us moms as well as the kids. Please call me any time.