Friday, May 1, 2009

I finally signed up all the kids at the gym! So now I can go up there and drop them all in the child care and get my Work out on... Ummmmmm I did this a week and a half ago! Guess how many times I have been since???? NONE! I don't know why in the last month and a half my world has been chaotic! Nothing on my regular schedule. And when I want to go in the evening, I don't want to get the kids home so late. SO I am now patiently awaiting summer. Then I can go to the 7pm aerobics class, and not feel totally guilty about my kids getting to bed at 9. But believe me, that is the ONLY reason I am looking forward to summer! LOL I will get back in the grind. I know it!

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  1. Good for you in getting them all signed up. That is the first step to freedom in going to the gym. I love being able to drop Nathan off in childcare and going to work out in peace!! I'm pretty sure he loves going, too. It's a good break from the house and somewhere else to go play with other kiddos and toys. I am confident that you will get into a groove soon and figure out the best times for you and your crew to get to the gym. I have found the fact that we are paying for it every month a motivator to go and get my money's worth, maybe that will also be a motivator for you, too?! Anyhow, I look forward to hearing more baout your continuing progress!!