Friday, April 24, 2009

Best night in a long time

I had the best night tonight!!! And we didn't do anything BIG, we didn't spend a whole lot of money. We just spent a really fun night together. Of course a little bit of guilt is associated with all of this because Makenzie wasn't there.. But that is for a different post. We started out wanting some place new to eat. And a few people have told me about the Purple cow. So Rick and I took the 3 littles for dinner and a purple milkshake. (i figured why go if you don't get the purple milk shake) Thain sat up at the ice cream bar and spun in the seat with a couple of other kids. Easton was being So charming. She had the whole restaurant smiling at her! Ava didn't feel very good, so she just chilled in Daddy's lap. After we ate we decided to walk around because it was absolutely beautiful tonight!!! The Purple Cow is in a shopping center in Ft worth with a cool old church and Central Market. Outside there was a spring concert going on, and Easton was just dancing like a crazy girl. A couple of people took pictures of her, but we could not walk 3 feet with out someone stopping us to say how cute she was! I think she really liked all the attention. We slowly made our way to Central Market. They always have amazing seasonal produce, and lots of stuff that the kids don't see on our grocery trips to walmart. LOL Every one of the workers there was awesome! We looked at all the fruit and veggies... Like 30 types of tomatoes!!! We talked about the colors, sizes and shapes of them. We looked at star fruit, baby pineapple, purple and yellow cauliflower!!! Then we got to the seafood area. This was the most fun of the whole night! The lady behind the counter pulled out all the fish for the kids to look at up close. A HUGE red snapper with his eyeballs still in, a trout that she made "talk" like a puppet (Ava thought that was the funniest thing ever!) She pulled out live Lobster and crab. THEN.... We got to the octopus and squid section... If you don't know, I have a big crush on chubby eater Andrew Zimmern. I want so badly to be adventurous in my eating. but I am SOOOO NOT!!!! But they had octopus salad and the lady gave us a little cup of it with an entire baby octopus in it!!! And I ATE IT!!!! ok, not the whole octopus, but 2 tentacles! Then we kept the octopus just for fun! LOL (trashed it once we got home and dissected it) But the kids had so much fun! Then as we walked around we talked about where different food comes from, and all the different types of cheese. Ava shared a garlic stuffed olive (YUUUUMMMMM) with me, and Rick found his favorite choco covered coffee beans! We also, just for fun let the kids get the GIANT homemade marshmallows. It was just such a relaxing, wonderful evening. The kids never once asked when we were going to leave. They didn't complain when we looked at all the different types of granola for 10 minutes. It was just nice. It has been a long time since we have actually gotten to go out, without a plan, relax, schedule free and have fun as a family. I loved it!!!

Here is my baby octopus. The kids had so much fun just looking at it!


  1. That has to be one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen!! I can't believe you actually ate that!!

  2. That was such a wonderful picture of what sounds like a great (memory-making) night with your family. It gives me hope that there will be more evenings like that ahead for us!! Thanks for sharing, Jess!!

  3. Omg that picture is nasty!! You really ate that??? Awe I am so glad you guys had so much fun!