Thursday, April 9, 2009

OMG! She is so cute!

I realize alot of posts have been about Easton lately but she has had a lot of focus with her first birthday. I took her out for her 1st half of her 1 yr pics yesterday,adn could not believe how cute she was! I say 1st half because I have a hot pink Easton baseball bat that I will be taking her pic with, but didn't want to wear her out. Anyway... I borrowed Addie's pettiskirt, and she has been playing with the pearls constantly lately. And I was quite proud of my mtm bow! (that's made-to-match, to all of you out of the crafty bow loop) I wish I could have gotten a few shots of her being still. I was literally RUNNING to get far enough in front of her so I could stop, turn around, focus and shoot, before she came whizzing past me! I am loving so much about her right now. This is always one of my favorite stages. One of my favorite things she does right now, is if there is music on she will dance.. but if I say "Go girl, shake it girl" she will get so excited, and start swinging her arms back and forth and laughing. I am so going to video tape it tomorrow! She is also testing limits... Like running to the dog's water bowl, just to turn around to make sure I am seeing her do it. Then looking at me as she sticks her hand in it!! Such a turkey!!! She has also started singing with me... I sing Jesus Loves Me to her every night, and now as soon as I start she "sings" too. It melts my heart! But here are a few of the pics from yesterday!

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