Monday, April 13, 2009


This whole weekend was absolutely insane! We did lots of fun things. But doing lots of fun things by myself with 4 kids is exhausting! Friday we colored Easter eggs with my favorite cousin Candis and her crew. I am so excited that our kids have really started to be friends. They ask to see each other, and have a great time together! They all did so good coloring eggs. And we ordered pizza and they all ate outside on the swingset.

This is all the cuties with their eggs, and us mommas. Easter morning we went to church. Again... tough to wrangle 4 kids and get them all looking presentable, AND get a shower myself. But it was done and they looked fabulous, if I do say so myself! Holidays when they get candy in the morning are always tricky. They want to eat all the candy right then! So it was hard pulling the candy away from them to go to church. After church we went to Grandma and Pawpaws for lunch.

One the Saturday before Easter I took the kids to an Easter egg hunt at a nearby church. It was fabulous. They had bounce houses, a petting zoo, and a zillion eggs! And the hunts were spaced far enough apart that I was able to get pics of each one of them getting their eggs. It was so exciting to see Ava. I let her do it all by herself, even though in her age group parents could help. She trotted all around with her basket and ended with a pretty good loot. Easton's age went with the 2 year olds. I just plopped her down by a couple of eggs, she picked them up, licked em, looked at them and threw them down. But she got 2 in her basket and was happy with that.

Makenzie and Thain had fun too. Some of the kids in Makenzie's group were pretty aggressive, but she did good, keeping her cool and just looking elsewhere for eggs. At one point she was going for an egg and started to tumble down a hill! Thain couldn't wait for his hunt to start. he stood right at the boundary line for about 10 minutes, so he could be one of the first out! He really enjoyed it.

We also had one of Thain's baseball games on Sat. I really like the team he is on this year. Some fun kids, and fun moms for me to talk to!

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  1. I can't believe how much you do with all the kids by yourselve! You are awesome.