Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where does the time go??

Where did a WHOLE YEAR go?? Tuesday we celebrated Easton's first Birthday. You know, I can't even remember what it was like having her as a newborn. I remember how easy she was. I kept thinking, ok, when is this going to turn? But it never did. She is still, totally amazing, quiet, sweet, and silly. It is so cool to think of how much she has learned in the past year. She was jsut a big blob of flubber just a few months ago. Now she can walk, laugh, feed herself, do sign language, chase her brother and sisters. She has learned different ways to get what she wants. She has learned how to climb up a slide and slide back down. So many little things! I couldn't tell you 7 things I learned this year!
So for her birthday she had a super busy day! We had Ava gymnastics in the morning. She likes to go to the rec center, becaus eI let her play with the ping pong balls and paddles! So easily amused. Then we went to a craft time at the library. She got to eat some glue, and stick her hand in some paint. Woohoo! When Daddy got home, we went to Pizza Garden for her birthday dinner. ok, more because Mommy wanted pizza. We had gotten her a special cupcake for her to eat when we got home. And boy did she go to town on it!!! I can't wait to see her with her cake on Sunday! here are a few of the pics from her Big day. Could she be any cuter??!!!

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  1. So sweet! Happy B-day to your sweet little princess! We can’t wait to celebrate with you guys ON SUNDAY! LOL (I got it right) she is one of the prettiest little girls I have ever seen!