Tuesday, February 3, 2009

155 forever! NO!!

I have a new strategy. The personal trainer told me that I had to do regular weight training. He said the more muscle I build, the more calories and fat my body will burn on it's own. And it will increase the effectiveness of my cardio. I feel like it is counterproductive at this point to me losing weight. So, My new plan is All cardio all the time! I was doing 25 mins of weights, then 30 mins of cardio. Now I am doing 45-55 mins of cardio. Just for these next 2 weeks. I want that damn number to go down. Then when I get it down a little, I can go back to the weights and work on my strength. I haven't been able to go to my kickboxing class the last 2 weeks, and I really feel that. Rick has had baseball lessons. But he has promised me that he will not schedule any more on Tuesdays. That is just a nice, hard full hour work out. What is funny, is that I am becoming one of those people that, if I don't work out when I am supposed to, I have started getting grouchy. I guess that is a good thing. The kids don't like it when I work out at night though. They like me to be home to say prayers. But daddy does a good job putting them down.
Oh and last thing... The other day when I went to the grocery store and I was STARVING, I bought some skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. they are fat free and 50 calories, and SO GOOD! I might go eat one now! Good night!

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  1. I am telling you... and take it from a girl who has battled her weight her whole life... you have to - HAVE TO - include weight training if you want to lose weight effectively. I have never seen the lbs shed faster than with cardio PLUS weight training. I lost 37.5 lbs that way in 2006.
    Also, please remember that your weight is just a number. You may stay around the same number for a while, but with training you are still losing fat; reshaping your body. It may be better for you to start measuring inches instead of weighing.
    Ok, I'll get down off of my soap box now! ;)