Thursday, February 26, 2009

perfect days!

Oh my gosh! Could the last few days have been any better? Mid seventies! I love it. I forced the kids to be outside any time we could be. We did the zoo, parks, yard work, backyard soccer, whatever, as long as we were outside. We went to good ol' Chisolm park Tuesday and had such a wonderful time. Thain brought some of his birthday presents to play with, and there was another boy there to play with him. I brought Easton's walker and she loved walking around the playground. And Ava, well, she is just her absolute happiest when she is outside! She would swing and slide and walk outside all day and all night. We brought a whole loaf of bread to feed the ducks. Easton kept reaching for them from the stroller. Ahhhh, such a great day!

Easton walking with her walker!Ava loves a balance beam!

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