Monday, February 2, 2009

Daddy craft

Rick came home the other day with crafts for him and each of the kids. He is really good at taking time with each kid and giving them his undivided attention. They were very simple wood crafts that he had picked up while he was out. But the kids were so excited to do them with him. They were like 3d wooden puzzles. So they each sat down with him and popped all the little pieces out and then built them with him. They were so proud of them when they were done. Thain's was a little airplane and it has a music box inside of it. He has been taking it to bed and winding it up to listen to it when he goes to sleep.

And yes, Thain does have 4 wrist bands on one arm. he thinks this makes him look cool and strong!
Ava's was a giant butterfly. She did so good punching out all the small pieces. I think she was pretty proud of herself.

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