Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Puppy!

This whole week Ava has been a puppy. When you call her, she will tell you, "I no Ava, I puppy" So I have given in to saying, "Come here puppy it is time to get dressed." Or, " Puppy, It is time to get in the car." She really likes when you play along. A not so big secret of Ava's is that she loves to eat dog food. I know it is awful, but she has since she was very little. We actually have her on video sitting in front of the tv eating dog food out of the dog bowl, like it is popcorn! So this weekend, she has been carrying the dog food bowl around, and these words have had to come out of my mouth, "No puppy you cannot eat a whole bowl of dog food. You can have 3 pieces." To which she answers, "But mommy, I puppy!" What are you gonna do?? I also realized this evening a new chapter in the "I puppy." She said she needed to go potty, I told her to go, so she... WENT OUTSIDE AND PEED!!!! I noticed it when she was in mid stream and yelled, "Ava no Ma'am, you go on the potty"... "But I puppy, Mommy."


  1. Katelyn was a kitty at this age. She crawled around on the ground and meowed all the time for a long time, a very long time. We were delighted when one day, she turned into a little girl again!

  2. that is so stinkin cute!!! kids are so fun with their imaginations!