Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice day

We had such a fun day when school was canceled. We took the kids "ice skating" in the street. Ava has played in the snow, but never on ice. She had such a blast! She kept runningin place with her feet slipping under her. She thought it was pretty funny.
Even when they were falling everyone had a good attitude and that always makes for a better time. Thain fell alot. His bottom was pretty cold by the end of our skating
Makenzie did pretty good. She was suprised when she took her first step onto the ice and her feet came right out from under her. You can see in the pucs, by about 1030 almost all the ice was gone. We had find places in the shade where there was still ice. It was fun

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  1. you didn't post the moon walk pictures:( those were so good...I guess it would have been hard to see them in motion though!