Wednesday, February 11, 2009

FB/Blog Friends

I am addicted to facebook. I didn't like it at all the first couple of weeks I was on it. I liked my myspace, where I could change the background and do little blogs (even though I never did). But now I am all about facebook. Let me tell you what I think is funny, and what I love about it. What I love is that I have reconnected with quite a few of my old friends. Alot from high school, and alot from various, almost forgotten parts of my life. And it is fabulous. Today I read Megs 25 things and really enjoyed learning new things about her. I like reading about Amy's amazing love and Faith in God. I love knowing that Gina randomly thinks about how much she loves her husband even though they have been together forever. I love to write that I am having a crappy day, and almost immediately 6 people try to cheer me up! And as far as blogs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. It is so wonderful to be able to jump on Marcia's blog and see what they all did for Christmas, or read in Ginger's blog about the juxtaposition of her greatfulness and fears from having tiny twins. It is such a fun outlet for me to write when I am happy, sad, frustrated, joyful and fearful. But here is where it all becomes a little silly and strange for me. It has kind of given me a false sense of friendship. Not that my fb friends and fellow bloggers are not my real friends. It is just weird to feel so close to people when you don't see them often, or sometimes... EVER. Please don't misunderstand and think that I am saying that you guys are not my friends. But alot of the stories that we read about are very personal and very heartfelt. And these are not regular things that would come up in a conversation between friends that are not super super close. I love to learn all these things about people that I usually wouldn't. The other funny thing is that when I actually DO get to see my friends it is sometimes hard to find things to talk about. for instance... "Oh, I have the funniest story, Ava has started acting like a dog!" other friend, "Yea, and she is eating dog food and peeing outside, I read your blog! So funny." me, "Oh did I tell you Rick is out of town?" Friend, "I read it on your facebook status"
It is so great the way we all know so much about each other now. And you guys should know, Gina, Ginger, Marcia, Carolyn, Amy, Jodi, Alex, Josh, and many, many others, I love you guys. And I feel, oddly, closer to you than I would if I didn't read your blogs and your Fbs. But I feel silly that I feel that way. And I wish we all had time to see more of each other. But for now I will settle for reading your blogs and commenting on your FB statuses! Does that make sense?


  1. It TOTALLY makes sense! I start stories all the time with friends, only for them to stop me and say, "Yeah- I read about it on your blog." Or more often I start a story and then (and this is awful) just say, "Did you read my blog? Because it's all on there." What a cop-out, I know.
    We love you, too, Jess! Keep blogging! :)

  2. Yes it makes sense...
    Have you ever seen that sticker that says,
    I love my computer cause that's where my friends live". It is so true in this case. The blogOsphere makes the world a smaller place. And a much more personal place.

  3. Okay my very young, very hip thirty-something blogger friend. I just feel so out of it! It's like reading my teenager's texts. There are so many acronyms and special lingo I feel like I need to take a class. I also love going on Facebook but it just intimidates me so much. One of the girls who subscribed to me has 145 friends! I just don't know if I could come up with more than 10 contacts. And is it safe? Is some psycho going to see my family picture and figure out where I live with my IP address? What is the difference between blogging and writing in Facebook. Is one just longer than the other? And where do you learn all those acronyms and blogging terms? I need a lesson!