Thursday, January 29, 2009

absolutely nothing

How has it been 5 days, and nothing has been going on?? Well, there was the ice day. That was fun! We got the kids all bundled up and took the out "ice skating." The kids had a good time. They each fell a few times, I fell once. I will upload pics later. Let's see, what else... I am still at 155 lbs I have felt thinner this week. lol I am hoping it will go down by the end of this week. I was so irritated this morning at the gym. I am not a fan of the lady in the child care area. It doesn't seem like she actually likes kids. I guess Easton was crying in there. So I only got 10 mins into my work out, and I had to go get her. It was ok, I got to spend an extra hour that I usually don't with her. Then we went to eat with my mom, and I was pretty proud of myself. I ordered enchiladas with rice and beans, and we had queso. I didn't eat the queso!!!! Yippeee for me. I love queso and when it is sitting in front of you it is really hard to resist! And I only ate 1 of my enchiladas and a few bites of beans. Not to bad!! Then for dinner I had yogurt and ummmmm.... just now I had a fat free ice cream sandwich. That's all I got tonight. I am so not in the mood to think right now. This weekend will be full of fun times I am sure, so check back soon!

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  1. I feel ya on the childcare situation at gyms..I never understood people taking jobs in an area of children if they don't like kids. I know the scale my not be moving, but girl if you continue to move something will move down..either your size of clothes or your weight. Win Win! Keep it up girl!