Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a day in the life

Yesterday was such a fun easy day. It started out so laid back. The kids all played in their playroom. Sometimes together, sometimes doing their own thing. I just love when they are in there playing and NOT watching tv. Even Easton has gotten big enough to go in there and play, and I don't worry she will get hurt. Her baby toys are all still in the living room, but she is SO over them. LOLAva chilled out looking at a bookEaston poured out all the tinker toys and played with the container.Thain "shopped" He has an obsession with putting toys into carrying things. Lunchboxes, suitcases, toolboxes, halloween baskets, whatever he can find. Then he will carry the specific toys around all day and just show people what is in his container. FUN!Then after lunch we made masks. Ava LOVES to color with markers. Thain made a rainbow tiger, and so did Ava... Whatever Thain says she says, "Me too!" Tadaaaaa!!!Even Mom made one! That's a pretty good zebra mask!Then came the fun of dress up. They were pirates/wolverine/army people. The funniest thing was that they both needed a telescope. Thain had his long one, thanks to grandma the day before, but Ava didn't have one. Thain came and told me,"Don't worry mom, I found one for Ava too." Very excitedly she held hers up... I thought, a little yucky, he must have gotten one out of the trash...But still.. what a good big brother.
But oh no... He did not get it out of the trash.... He unrolled the entire roll of toilet paper!!! But it was the thought that counts, right! I love these days. Nobody was rushed, nobody was grouchy. It was wonderful. I sure am lucky

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  1. I love it!! You didn't need that TP anyway right??? :0) Love ya!