Saturday, January 24, 2009

diary of a really bad mom

I was a terrible wife and mother today. I did absolutely nothing for my kids. I spent no time with them and barely saw my husband. Not for any reason at all. This morning I had my photography class, that I really enjoyed. Then I came home and did NOTHING. There was laundry to be done, dirty dishes in the sink, my floor to mop. And I did none of it. I should have spent the afternoon doing crafts with the kids, or playing games, or even watching tv with them. Isn't that awful. I kind of just vegged on the couch all day. I think I picked some things up around the house, but that's all. The kids played together pretty well all day. Well, most of the day Makenzie watched tv in our room and Thain played in their living room. Easton and Ava took long naps. So it was just a quiet day. At about 530 Grandma came to take them to a movie. These are the days that make me feel so guilty. I know I don't have to spend ALL day entertaining the kids. But I absolutely should love on them and make them feel important. Tomorrow will be a better day


  1. That Post title is a LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL! You better get on there and change it right now! You are a great mom, and the best moms know that you need down days too. You gotta have days where you don't do it all, or anything, so your family appreciates the days you do something! It's good to let things sit every once in awhile and just be. Your kids woke up and went to sleep and didn't have their world crashing around them in between, sounds like a successful day to me!

  2. OK girl...1st off love the blog design and header..share your secrets!! spill it! 2nd you are not a bad mom cause then that means I'm a bad mom and I ain't having that!! It is OK to have a lounge around day! Don't beat yourself up!! You are a great mom!!!