Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Conversations with Ava

Tonight, after getting out of the bath, Ava was walking around the bathroom. The floor was soaked from all the tub fun, and we had the following conversation...

Mommy, "Ava, what are you doing?"

Ava, "I walk on waddah."

Mommy, "oh yeah, do you know who else walked on water?"

Ava, " Jehut walk on waddah"

Mommy, "That's right, beautiful, Jesus walked on water."

Ava, "Jehut in my haat!"

Mommy, "Yes, Jesus is in your heart!"

Ava, "Mommy, where my haat?"

"Your heart is right here." I said pointing to her chest.

Ava, laughing.... "Jehut in my boobie Mommy!!!"

She is so silly!

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