Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I need to organize!

Is it spring yet??? I have the spring cleaning bug. Not so much a bug, more like a virus that eats at me until I am incapacitated. I am in such a mood to purge, and totally get rid of stuff. Here is my dilemma, and why I haven't done it yet... alot of the stuff that needs to go is either Rick's, or stuff that Rick's parents have given me. SO I can't ask Rick to throw away one more thing of his! He jokes about how when we moved in I got rid of all HIS stuff. Well, come on, he was a bachelor with very questionable taste. (Am I sleeping in a room with black lacquer night stands and a water bed?.... No) SO yes, we threw out most of his furnishings. But now we just have STUFF. Stuff everywhere! Here are a few of my pet peeves. And these things HURT me! Every time I see them it hurts! First is the top of our refrigerator in the laundry room. Uggggg. Now, what is up here is what I took down back in December from the mantel to decorate for Christmas. And I dislike it all so much that I have not put any of it back up. And I would gladly toss it all. The thing is, is that most of it is sentimental stuff. The topper from our wedding cake, a clock his parents gave us (that doesn't work) a candle thing that his brother gave me (sweet, but we never lit it and I have had it for 2 years) and a few other decorations that I am just over. And if I don't want to display it then what??? up to the attic??? Never to be seen again until we move and wonder why we kept it that long? I don't know...

next comes the top of our closet (shudder) So much junk! And you see, well, taken care of!!?? There are shoes and cowboy hats, and paper shredders, and clothes, and fax machines... Do we use these things? Not usually, but that one random time we need them, we sure are glad we have it....Then is the worst of all for me. Mostly because the other things are hidden... I can close off the laundry room. And I can shut the closet door. But this looks me in the face every time I go into the bedroom! It is Rick's dresser. We bought this new bedroom set last year. And We love it. But you can't even see it under all the junk. Somehow piles and piles of clothes end up on there every day. and under the clothes is even worse. Little random things, bow tie, watch, notes from the kids, change, chapstick, cds. Blech. And then the lovely hats going up the side of the mirror. He loves his hats. And although he only wears about 5 of them, I won't ask him to get rid of them. I have however suggested we don't "display them" He did not agree with me. LOL.
So these are the things in my house that are driving me nutso right now. But I have a plan... Tomorrow I am doing the laundry room, Thursday the closet and this weekend begging Rick to do the dresser. Maybe I won't toss it all (although I would love to) But I can definitely find a better solution that what we currently have going on.

P.S. Please don't judge me by these pictures. I try really hard to keep the rest of my house in order. It is just these sneaky little hidden places that get sooooooo out of control. Thanks!


  1. I am cracking up right now!! I should so put pics of my pet peeves on my blog....oh wait that would take forever!! You should see MY laundry room, closet, junk drawers, cabinets....not to mention under the bed. It gives me anxiety just thinking about it! Love ya!!

  2. Girl, I am right there with you! I feel so much better after I have purged my stuff. I just don't need all of it, but you know what? There are people out there who do! You have inspired me to drop off my bags of clothes to Goodwill tomorrow. :)

  3. Oh Jessica, how well I can relate to this story!! I, too am in the process of some serious purging. Our house is being overrun with STUFF and it is driving me CRAZY!!! I have actually set up with a friend of mine to do a joint garage sale at her place. So, I am seriously motivated to get rid of as much CRAP as possible and hopefully make some money on it, too. Keep up the plan, you will be so glad you did. I look forward to seeing your new pics soon!!

  4. Girl I so know how clean you keep your house! All those times I would come over 7:45 am and you would be vacuuming! I so feel your pain about the clutter and the hats!! Todd has way more then he will ever wear