Sunday, March 22, 2009

picture taking is not always photography

I had my first ever total bummer of a "session" last week. I was nervous going in, because I know 3 month olds are hard to photograph. But I was so excited to have a couple of complete cutie twins to practice with. My friend Ginger let me take pictures of her little angels. I was so disappointed in myself. I couldn't think of one creative way to get pictures of them in some other position than laying on the floor. I had a couple of cute ideas in my head, but was completely unsuccessful in accomplishing them. Now Ginger, if you are reading this, don't take this to mean your babies don't take cute pictures. It's just the ones you took yourself are so much better than the ones I was did! And I am the one bragging that I take good pictures! I mean it all from an artistic point of view, not a personal one. But It was a good learning experience. And this is why I keep asking everyone to let me take pictures of their family. Just so I can get this type of experience. And so I can learn what to do if I have a baby that I can't make smile, or a toddler who won't sit still, or a mom who talks every time I hit my shutter button. I have to learn to make it work. And I am just embarrassed that, for Ginger, I didn't make it work. I feel bad, because I was expecting to give her a couple of amazing shots (and I am sure she expected that too) And I got maybe 2 good shots. And at one point I had forgotten that my camera was in manual focus, from shots earlier, so the one shot where one of them is smiling is totally out of focus. Oh, man! And my flash wasn't set low enough, so it blasted out their little faces. It helped me realize there is still SO MUCH that I need to learn. So all this to say... Sorry Ginger! I hope you will still let me practice on them sometimes. It was a good experience for me. And they are SO SWEET!
Handsome Kyle

Beautiful Cameron

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  1. Jessica,
    These came out so good and so did the other ones I saw on FB!