Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting there

I am so freakin' hungry! Waaaaahhhh!!!! But I am sucking it up because I am determined to fit into one size smaller by the end of this week. I am actually watching what I am eating this week, which I usually don't do. I think I am doing pretty good. And I have had 2 great work outs this week, and have worked the heck out of my abs. Ouch! (but good ouch!) Now the smaller size is an embarrassing size 10. but still smaller than what I have been in. And if I can get into a 10 then I can fit into most of my shorts. I have slowly been moving down on the scale the past few days.. very slowly.. 154.. 153.8... 153.2.. 152.2... That 149 is so close I can taste it.. and I am so hungry right now, I just might eat it! LOL. but I do feel good because my tight jeans fit a little looser this week. Yiipeeee! I will be so excited to be a size down! because then the next size is a single digit. Wow!! So close!!! I think some good motivation is that I booked my trip to Vegas this week. And we are staying a Mandalay Bay. The big deal about that hotel is the POOL. And I don't want to be totally self-conscious hangin at the pool. I will let you know if those jeans fit at the end of the week!

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  1. I am so impressed...can't wait to hear about your success:)