Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Let me tell you something...I am FABULOUS! No, nothing happened that has prompted me to make this point. I just think you all need to know. I am hard on myself alot, but when you get down to it, I am pretty awesome! I am not even close to perfect. But here ya go... I am raising 4 children, and am doing a pretty dang good job with it! My kids are USUALLY respectful. They eat their vegetables. They Love the Lord. They share their toys with their friends (at least Ava does. LOL) They know that they are loved and know that they are safe. And let's be honest, they are VERY CUTE!
Also, I AM FUN DAMN IT!!! I don't get to be as fun as I want to be, because, as I stated before, I am raising 4 children. And all that feeding, disciplining, boundary setting, prayer saying, and teaching doesn't always leave much room for fun having! But Dadgumit, put me with some friends and I am fun! I like to laugh until I cry. I am silly, sarcastic, and I think, pretty witty. (haha pretty witty sounds funny) Of course if you ask me, "Jessica, what is the funnest thing you have done in the last month?" My answer would be, "clip my toenails." But regardless... I am fun! And I am sticking to that!
More proof to support my proclamation of awesomeness? I am an AMAZING wife. Just ask my husband. (He better say yes, or I will kick his butt) Again, not prefect wife, but pretty dang good! I am absolutely happy with my place in our family. I think after my husband has a long week at work he deserves to spend an afternoon playing baseball. I think when a friend calls he SHOULD go have a beer and hang out. Strip club... whatever, I don't care. (luckily Rick thinks strip clubs are as silly as I do) I am proud to have dinner made for him at 6pm when he gets home from work. If he wants to watch future weapons instead of designed to sell, I am ok with that.
I also think I make a great friend. I don't get to do as much for my friends as I would like., But I LOVE my friends. And I think about them alot. I will always listen if they need someone. If I know a friend has a need, and I have the ability, at all, to meet that need I will. Ummm, ok, so again, I can't think of a specific incident in the last month that has made me a good friend. But I am sure I have done something nice before... right??
I just need to get over this need to be perfect. When I think of the people I love I don't put the expectation on them to be perfect, so why do I do it to myself? That is silly! I am happy with me!
So there it is. I am Wonderful. Ask God, He thinks so too!


  1. Amen Sister Girl! I love you!

  2. That is RIGHT! Oh, what a wonderful post about self-affirmation. And I love the typo on "prefect" wife. You make me happy, Jessica! :)

  3. Nice!!! See.. not at all "prefect" but still.. I rock!

  4. That's it! Just keep it real! Love ya!